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The TBL blog is dead, long live the TBL blog. by blak3b5

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Hey friends,

After five years of blogging here, we are moving our middling words to our new website, courtesy of our friends PT Campbell and That Mob, who’ve collaborated with us to make a brand new website at our home of six years,

Come visit us there and keep up with all the latest news about Two Bright Lakes people.

Thanks for listening,

Two Bright Lakes.


Chris Bolton (SEAGULL) scores new theatre show ‘What A Joy To Be Alive’, on now at La Mama by blak3b5
February 19, 2013, 7:46 am
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Seagull‘s Chris Bolton has lent his compositional gifts to a new theatre performance directed and devised by John Bolton and performed by Chris and Tom Davies. It’s showing now at La Mama Theatre in Carlton until March 3rd, get your tickets below while you still can.

Tickets available online
or via 03 9347 6142
$25 Full | $15 Concession

Wed, Fri, Sun 6:30pm | Thu, Sat 8:30pm
La Mama Theatre
205 Faraday Street, Carlton

What a Joy To Be Alive

The hypothesis must be entertained that I’ve got blood on my hands, but look, there’s nothin. Nah! Even under the fingernails. Nothin!

A duet for a musician and a man on the run, his crime unknown and his love remembered. Performed by Tom Davies and Chris BoltonWhat a Joy to be Alive builds upon Home Stretch, the previous work of Davies and director JohnBolton, first developed for La Mama’s Explorations Season and then presented by The Dog Theatre.

The character played by Tom Davies has a mischievous glint in his eye. Sometimes we glimpse his deep sadness, sometimes he horrifies us, and sometimes he is incredibly funny. He moves like a strange animal, performs an obscene melodramatic pantomime and dances to exhaustion. The language employed by this character is spare, visceral and poetic: of the gut, the gutter and of beauty.

The music for the work is composed and performed by Chris Bolton. He plays a multitude of musical styles, which may be lyrical and atmospheric, loud and ferocious, classical Spanish guitar, samples, loops, or a haunting love song.

John Bolton weaves together the music, the humanity of the character and lighting by Shane Grant, to create a unique theatrical language rich in ambiguity and complexity. What a Joy to be Alive paints a picture, which is both figural and abstract; at times we see a distinctive character with his troubles and hopes, at other times body, music and light bleed together to create an enigmatic world unto itself.

“Vividly crafted…Davies harnesses the rarest of commodities in Australian theatre – unadulterated testosterone – to an effortless performance style” – Cameron Woodhead, The Age (on Home Stretch)

Directed and devised by John Bolton
Performed, devised and composition by Chris Bolton
Performed, devised and written by Tom Davies
Lighting design by Shane Grant

Tickets available online
or via 03 9347 6142
$25 Full | $15 Concession

Wed, Fri, Sun 6:30pm | Thu, Sat 8:30pm
La Mama Theatre
205 Faraday Street, Carlton

Best of 2011 / Thanks for listening… by blak3b5

It’s that time of year again where we weigh up all that has happened this year, throw some opinions around, and celebrate all of the good things that transpired in 2011.  It’s been a very busy year for us at Two Bright Lakes, we want to thank everyone who came to shows, bought records and listened to the music that ‘s been released and said nice things about it, we really appreciate all of those things.

We put out some of our favourite records ever in the form of Collarbones, Oscar+Martin, Dream Kit, Batrider and Nick Huggins. We helped put on the the inaugural Sugar Mountain Festival in January, we braved endless rain for the Melbourne Music Week rooftop show, toured Virgo Four twice, took part in the Galactic Nights series, put on countless excellent local shows with musicians from near and far…we’re collecting an archive of photos and videos of shows from the year, and we’ll be posting them somewhere soon.

In the meantime, here are some reflections by some of the Lakes people on what they thought was great about 2011 and time and space in general…

Hazel Brown (Otouto):


1. Shabazz Palaces – Black Up
2. Arthur Russell – Lets Go Swimming
3. Hercules and Love Affair – Blue Songs
4. Gillian Welch – The Harrow & The Harvest
5. Motor City Drum Ensemble – DJ Kicks
6. Nicolas Jaar – Space is Only Noise


1. Teeth and Tongue – Tambourine
2. Lost Animal – Ex-Tropical
3. Oscar and Martin – For You


Nick Huggins:
Oscar and Martin live at Meredith.
Marquis de tren and Bonny Billy – ‘Get on jolly.’
Lost animal live at Melbourne Music Week.
Virgo four live at Sugar Mountain.
Gillian Welch – ‘The harrow and the harvest’
Marcus Whale (Collarbones):
5 Musical Holy Shit Moments of 2011 (no order)
2. Realising the guitar solo in “I Care” by Beyonce was being doubled by Beyonce herself.
4. Listening to Terius Nash’s mixtape “1977” while reading tabloid articles about his breakup with Christina Milian.
Travis Cook (Collarbones):

5 Low Budget Music Videos of 2011 (no order)

Adelaide’s Rebecca Black of 2011
Chris Bolton (Seagull):
Ryuichi Sakomoto – Discord (discovered this year, released 97)
Transcription of Organ Music – A Prey to Griff (as a side note this amazing mini album also has a song on it which is covered by Fran Drescher)


Blake Byron-Smith (Two Bright Lakes DJs):

(in no particular order)

Tune-Yards – Who Kill
Theo Parrish – Stop Bajon remix
Lost Animal – Ex Tropical
Mike Kay/Wooshie – Split EP (on This Thing)
Ryuichi Sakamoto and Alva Noto – Summvs
Dick Diver – Dick Diver
Geoffrey O’Connor – Vanity Is Forever
Jonti – Twirligig
New Look – New Look

MICK TURNER, SEAGULL, KIERAN RYAN and YFFER at Workers Club Released Series this Sunday night! by blak3b5
September 24, 2011, 4:37 pm
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Poster by Elizabeth Barnett

Two Bright Lakes is very happy to be part of this excellent series of shows put together by those lovely folks at The Workers Club. We’re also very excited about having Melbourne guitar luminary Mick Turner down for the show.

10:10 Mick Turner

9:10  Seagull

8:20 Kieran Ryan

7:30 Yffer


From the Workers Club:

At the Workers Club, we hold our local and independent music and arts
community in extremely high regard and believe that nurturing and supporting
our creative community is of the upmost importance.

But behind many of these bands and artists is a side of the creative community
rarely publicly celebrated or acknowledged, that being the Independent Record
Label. In today’s climate of the wonderful world of the music industry, these
people are some of the hardest working and often under-appreciated pioneers,
obsessives and passionate music lovers out there.

Here at The Workers Club, we think that’s worth celebrating, and have designed
a series of nights happening each Wednesday entitled ‘The Released Series’
specifically to acknowledge these labels, with each night personally curated by
the person or people behind the labels, showcasing their favourite bands, artists
and DJs each week.

As part of the Series, the Workers Club will be running the ‘Released Record
Stand,’ inspired by NYC’s ‘the Cake Shop,’ a half venue-half independent
record store, ‘the Released Record Stand’ is a semi-permanent record stand
set up each week giving labels the opportunity to have their releases available
for sale not only on the night of their curated show, but for the duration of the
series with labels taking 100% of all sales.

Facebook event

Doors open 7pm, $10 on the door

TWO BRIGHT LAKES on ABC’s ‘ART NATION’ this Sunday / OTOUTO in ARTS VICTORIA’S ‘UNFOLD’ series by blak3b5

This Sunday on ABC1 at 5pm and ABC2 at 920pm, Hazel, Tig and Blake from Two Bright Lakes and other artists from the Schoolhouse Studios will be on ABC’s Arts Nation talking about all things Two Bright Lakes, how it all started, where it’s going, who’s involved, what we eat for breakfast, that sort of thing.  It’s bound to be equal parts enlightening and embarrassing, we hope you can tune in to watch.  If you missed it, click the banner above to have a look…

And Otouto are taking part in Arts Victoria’s Unfold series which looks inside the arts community in Victoria. Their episode will be screening in the coming weeks on the Arts Vic website alongside seven other talented artists and artist groups.

Two Bright Lakes short doco on The Vine by blak3b5

Somehow there was time for us to appear in front of a camera and talk about some of the things that have been going on at Two Bright Lakes.  Full of insights and embarrassments and lovingly put together by Miklos, Max, Chris, Frank and Marc you can view the minutes long piece at The Vine.  It’s all part of the Nice Work series about creative businesses doing things and enjoying themselves whilst doing said things.

Seagull (Chris Bolton solo) tour with Whitley during August by blak3b5
August 6, 2010, 3:08 pm
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Whitley/Seagull Tour Poster

Chris Bolton (Seagull) joins Whitley for his final tour ever this August throughout Australia. Catch them on the following dates in your town:

6th – (8pm) Manhattans, Fremantle, WA – Seagull (solo) supporting Whitley

7th – (8pm) Fowlers, Adelaide, SA – Seagull (solo) supporting Whitley

8th – (8pm) The Republic Bar, Horbart, TAS – Seagull (solo) supporting Whitley

10th – (8pm) The Zoo, Brisbane, QLD – Seagull (solo) supporting Whitley

11th – (8pm) The Cambridge, Newcastle, WA – Seagull (solo) supporting Whitley

12th – (8pm) Oxford Arts Factory, Darlinghurst, NSW – Seagull (solo) supporting Whitley

13th – (8pm) The Hi Fi Bar, Melbourne, VIC – Seagull (solo) supporting Whitley

14th – (8pm) Karova Lounge, Ballarat, VIC – Seagull (solo) supporting Whitley

15th – (8pm) Ruby’s Lounge, Belgrave, VIC – Seagull (solo) supporting Whitley

17th – (8pm) Brass Monkey, Cronulla, NSW – Seagull (solo) supporting Whitley

18th – (8pm) The Maram, Canberra, ACT – Seagull (solo) supporting Whitley

19th – (8pm) Lizotte’s Kincumber, Kincumber, NSW – Seagull (solo) supporting Whitley