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The TBL blog is dead, long live the TBL blog. by blak3b5

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Hey friends,

After five years of blogging here, we are moving our middling words to our new website, courtesy of our friends PT Campbell and That Mob, who’ve collaborated with us to make a brand new website at our home of six years,

Come visit us there and keep up with all the latest news about Two Bright Lakes people.

Thanks for listening,

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MICK TURNER, SEAGULL, KIERAN RYAN and YFFER at Workers Club Released Series this Sunday night! by blak3b5
September 24, 2011, 4:37 pm
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Poster by Elizabeth Barnett

Two Bright Lakes is very happy to be part of this excellent series of shows put together by those lovely folks at The Workers Club. We’re also very excited about having Melbourne guitar luminary Mick Turner down for the show.

10:10 Mick Turner

9:10  Seagull

8:20 Kieran Ryan

7:30 Yffer


From the Workers Club:

At the Workers Club, we hold our local and independent music and arts
community in extremely high regard and believe that nurturing and supporting
our creative community is of the upmost importance.

But behind many of these bands and artists is a side of the creative community
rarely publicly celebrated or acknowledged, that being the Independent Record
Label. In today’s climate of the wonderful world of the music industry, these
people are some of the hardest working and often under-appreciated pioneers,
obsessives and passionate music lovers out there.

Here at The Workers Club, we think that’s worth celebrating, and have designed
a series of nights happening each Wednesday entitled ‘The Released Series’
specifically to acknowledge these labels, with each night personally curated by
the person or people behind the labels, showcasing their favourite bands, artists
and DJs each week.

As part of the Series, the Workers Club will be running the ‘Released Record
Stand,’ inspired by NYC’s ‘the Cake Shop,’ a half venue-half independent
record store, ‘the Released Record Stand’ is a semi-permanent record stand
set up each week giving labels the opportunity to have their releases available
for sale not only on the night of their curated show, but for the duration of the
series with labels taking 100% of all sales.

Facebook event

Doors open 7pm, $10 on the door